Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to School nightmares!

It's not even August and the nightmares have begun! They have never started this early and I am definitely more relaxed this summer than I have been in years past!

Last week I dreamt that my principal came in and yelled at my entire class for something I had just told them to do. As she was yelling she was crying and I had to calm her down! Yikes - hopefully this dream doesn't come true, not a position I want to be in!

Last nights dreams though really lit the fire under my bum! I dreamt that it was the week of Orientation (we have 2 days of PD, then Wed Freshmen full day, Thursday is Soph/Jr. 1/2 day, and Friday Seniors 1/2 day - a bit odd but ok) and I had not copied my syllabi. I was happy to find that I had no Homeroom BUT was teaching 5 classes in a row! When I got to my 5th class in a row (one of the flipped ones) the previous class hadn't put the desks back so everyone was everywhere and a female student plugged in a boom box (one from the 80s) I asked her to unplug it and she didn't, she turned it up - so it was clear I was not structured enough! I had to go back and unplug it and she slapped me! Well I went to the VPs office with her, but the new VP hadn't started yet and the old VP was long gone. It was bad - I woke up so anxious!

So on the agenda today - some scripts for the first week. I'm currently working on Tech 101 - how to access everything you need to succeed, we'll watch this one in class together. I think instead of doing screencasts within the video, I'll pause the video and try it out with them in class. For example, when I say "sign into Edline and navigate to our classpage". I'll pause the video and have a volunteer come up and log in and navigate. So the kids get the interactiveness of the video and that you can pause and try things if you don't understand.

I wrote the intro to a flipped class (2nd video they'll watch, 1st on their own) and am feeling better. I think it'll set the tone for the class and so they know what to expect for a normal class period.

My anxiety is decreasing, but my cats anxiety has risen - a nice thunderstorm is passing through and both cats are in the downstairs closet - they are each others thunder buddies! Emma ran away when I tried to take their picture, Callie loves her picture taken!

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