Monday, July 30, 2012


As the calendar almost flips to August I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with what my summer plans WERE. Back in June, as I do every June, I make a list of what I'd love to accomplish, full well knowing it'll never happen because I always have some odd ball full time job I have to work. Well this summer, that wasn't the case. I had all summer off to do all of these GOALS!

So what was my summer bucket list? Unfortunately nothing too awesome when I think about it, all practical things, but here it is none the less:
  • Remodel the kitchen
Before the remodel - cardboard for the countertop, industrial white sink, rubber toe kick backsplash, and a door beneath the sink that I couldn't open!
Kitchen complete bare with a new coat of paint. Walls were repaired after the blue tile came down!
How the kitchen looks today!! Added uppers above the "island" a microwave above the stove and a seltzer machine in the corner!
  • Paint all baseboards on the lower floor
  • Clean all the grout in the house
Yes I'm aware the last one is oh so house wifeish, I just need to find me a husband. Perhaps that's why it didn't get done!
  • Redesign Civics (semester course) using Flipped model
  • Align Honors World notes with new book
I've definitely started Civics - the first unit is COMPLETELY done, and I'm starting the second unit. The unit plan is done, now for all the details; videos, quizzes, in class assignments/discussions, etc. But that leaves me with 4-5 more units to plan out. If each unit takes me a week, I'm into September. And where does that leave me for Honors? And for all the other fun stuff I want to do? Oh yeah, I forgot the fun stuff bucket list!
  • Hang out with my niece
  • Plan a super cool secret bash - SHHHHH - I can't say anything!
  • Lake George
Kyle and I in Lake George AFTER the remodel!

Yeah the fun stuff I definitely did and did like IT WAS MY JOB! Perhaps that means I'm back to the daily grind. I have to admit, it's nice to be able to plan on my own terms, at my own pace, without scrambling the night before. Perhaps I've kicked the procrastination bug! The house stuff will just have to wait until next summer!

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